01 January 2015

Proposal for a mixed used development in the heart of Dakar

Le triangle N’Gor 
Dakar, Sénégal, 2017

Can serenity and security exist in the same place?
Does security hinder the sense of serenity?

Directly derived from the triangular shape of the site, Le Triangle N’Gor is the making of a new district center in the heart of N’gor in Dakar.

Conceptually our proposal wraps an architectural “veil” around the site to contain and reveal an oasis inside: a place of serenity and a place of escape, a place to meet and gather, work and play, stay and live.
Like a terrarium our proposal is a self-sufficient bioclimatic architecture built in the heart of the city.
The result is an oasis that directly improves the overall thermal performance of the building, producing comfortable environmental conditions without increasing the energy consumed.
Like an African horned melon fruit, hard on the outside soft on the inside, our buildings’ outer faces are hard, straight and true to the perimeter of the site whilst its inner faces are fluid and organic harboring an abundance of life inside.